Many great Australians have built enduring relationships with Aboriginal First Nations.

Buying carbon credits from Traditional Owners that provide a genuine benefit to your business as well as Aboriginal people on the ground is a great idea, but we know can be difficult to achieve. 

We will help your business build trusting relationships, negotiate ethical agreements and support you to achieve your corporate social responsibilities in a competitive business environment. 

Aboriginal Carbon Fund will offer:

  • Presentations on the Aboriginal carbon industry and carbon farming in Australia
  • Establish and maintain relationships with Traditional Owners and their carbon projects
  • Support Fair Carbon  for Aboriginal Australia and Corporate Australia including delivering environmental, social and/or cultural co-benefits.

To record your interest in sourcing carbon credits from Aboriginal carbon projects, sign up to the Aboriginal Carbon Register. Or you can sign up to our monthly newsletter Black Carbon.

Please call to arrange a meeting or to discuss in more detail.

Rowan Foley | General Manager | 0427 013 318 |

Barry Hunter | Regional Manager | 0437 827 881 |