Forest Stewardship Council - Indigenous engagement

Updated 13 October 2014

FSC Australia is working to build a forestry standard for Australia.

Aboriginal Carbon Fund is partnering with FSC Australia to bring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people into the picture. Indigenous Australians have been managing the country for thousands of years and we want them to have a meaningful voice in developing the forestry standard for Australia. Forest companies will have to meet this standard if they want to receive the FSC tick for meeting industry best practice.

Towering Tassie forest

Towering Tassie forest


The first stage is to facilitate feedback on the first draft of the Forest Stewardship Standard. In this first phase we are targeting any Indigenous organisations and individuals interested in indigenous policy, employed in forest industries or who have certified forests. Have your say on how the standard can promote and protect the rights and interests of Indigenous people.

Indigenous Working Group

The second stage is establishing an Indigenous Working Group of experts to provide advice on the standard development process and also more generally to FSC Australia on Indigenous and forestry issues. Expressions of interest are due by 24 October 2014. The first meeting is due to take place in Melbourne in November 2014 with meeting and travel costs met. See the ad and terms of reference.

The project will be finalised by the end of 2014.

If you want to get involved directly with the development of the forestry standard, sign up with FSC.

If you want to be involved or learn more about the engagement project, or make a submission, please get in touch with us.


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