Carbon farming is an agribusiness that we understand Land Councils and Aboriginal organisations may require some assistance with in order to provide professional services for staff, Traditional Owners and members.

Together we can build the carbon industry in your region to achieve the best economic, environmental and community outcomes now and for future generations.

Rowan running a workshop in Broome

Rowan running a workshop in Broome

Aboriginal Carbon Fund will offer:

  • Staff workshops on the climate change, carbon farming and the carbon market
  • Negotiation guides for advising Traditional Owners about carbon agribusiness projects, including achieving co-benefits (environmental, social and/or cultural) from projects
  • Specialist legal and policy advice on carbon farming and native title

If it's a bit confusing, try having a read of What is carbon farming? or have a look at this savanna video to understand what it's all about. There's plenty of other useful stuff at the Malpa Resource Centre. And you can sign up to our monthly newsletter Black Carbon.

If you simply don't have the time, agribusiness background or carbon expertise - then we will help you provide a professional service for staff and Traditional Owners.

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