The maps below show where different methodology types might be suitable. Generally, the higher the rainfall, the more carbon is at stake - going up in smoke, or coming down into trees. For example, vegetation methodologies, which involve planting trees or assisting regrowth, are more suitable where rainfall is higher.

The map shows shaded areas of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land - the maps give a quick indication of where methodologies and Aboriginal and Torres Strait land overlap. The four methodology types covered are:

Savanna >1000mm - patchwork burning in the early dry season

Savanna >600mm - patchwork burning in the early dry season (still under development)

Savanna enrichment (Gubinge) - growing food and carbon at the same time (still under development)

Rangelands - regeneration through management of cattle, ferals, fire and weeds (still under development)

Vegetation - growing trees including planting and assisting regrowth

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