Updated 17 October 2014

Methodologies are simply tools that can be used to undertake carbon projects on your land. Savanna burning and planting trees offer the best prospects on Aboriginal land at the moment; other methodologies such as rangelands and savanna enrichment may be suitable when developed. Check out The Meth Maps for a quick view of what you can do on your land.

The methodology pages explain the methodologies that are most likely to be useful on Aboriginal land. Aboriginal land is often arid or intact and therefore not as suitable for farming or tree planting methodologies. However, savanna burning, enrichment planting and/or rangelands may be more suitable. So far 26 methodologies have been approved for use in the Carbon Farming Initiative (CFI), although some are second versions or methodologies with small variations.

7 further methodologies are under consideration which relate to energy and industrial activities outside the current scope of the CFI but which would be available if the amendment bill is passed.

Savanna enrichment development in Broome, WA

Savanna enrichment development in Broome, WA