Updated 25 April 2017

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Department of Environment and Heritage QLD 2016- (Aboriginal carbon farming)

Kakadu West Arnhem Social Trust 2015- (Mirarr project)

Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council QLD 2015- (Oriners and Sefton project)

Waanyi and Garawa Rangers QLD 2017- (Waayi and Garawa project)


Aurora Project NSW 2012

Badjeballa QLD 2014-15

Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation 2014-16 (Aurukun project)

Barengi Gadjin Land Council VIC 2015

Department of the Environment CTH 2015-16 (ERF research project)

Department of the Environment CTH 2016-17 (ERF workshops in Qld and NT)

Djungan Aboriginal Corporation QLD 2013-14

Dubbo NSW 2012

Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations VIC 2014-15

Fitzroy Basin Elders Committee QLD 2013

Forest Stewardship Council VIC 2014-15

Girringin QLD 2014-15

Kimberley Land Council WA 2014 (with alloporus environmental)

Kowanyama Aboriginal Shire Council QLD 2014 (with Cape York Sustainable Futures) (Oriners and Sefton project)

North Australia Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance and Live & Learn NT 2013-14

North Queensland Land Council QLD 2013-15

The Wilderness Society VIC 2012

Warumungu NT 2011