Updated 18 October 2016


video channels

Aboriginal Carbon Fund YouTube Channel

Kimberley Land Council YouTube Channel

NAILSMA Vimeo Channel

Carbon Market Institute Vimeo Channel



Climate Change in Northern Australia   North Australia Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance and Live&Learn, Jan 201510min  *recommended*

Climate Change   Kimberley Land Council, Oct 2014  4min

Sea level rise in Kowanyama, Cape York   UN University, Jan 2009  6min

Walking with the spirits, Wet Tropics   UN University, Dec 2009  7min



Emerging Environmental Economies: Carbon Farming  Northern Gulf Resource Management Group, Mar 2015  14min

Indigenous Land Issues   United Nations University, Mar 2012 (note: when Jeremy was employed with the Australian Government!)  3min

Carbon Farming   Kimberley Land Council, Oct 2014  2min

Selling savanna  Aboriginal Carbon Fund, Darwin Nov 2013  16min

Carbon Resolution  Ag Consulting, Nov 2014  5min *song!*


savanna burning (Fire management)

Fighting Carbon with Fire   United Nations University, May 2009  6min

Savanna burning  NAILSMA, Mar 2015  8min  *recommended*

Savanna Fire Management   Kimberley Land Council, Oct 2014  8min

Good for Carbon Good for Country    NAILSMA, Jul 2012  1min

Measuring Smoke   NAILSMA, 2012  3min

Why we burn our country   NAILSMA, 2014  4min

Cape York Indigenous Fire Workshop    Living Knowledge Place, 2013  7min


growing vegetation

Full Carbon Accounting Model   Clean Energy Regulator, Mar 2015  17min

Carbon Farming Mapping Tool   Clean Energy Regulator, Mar 2015  12min

Carbon Farming Methodologies   Kimberley Land Council, Oct 2014  4min

Savanna Enrichment in the Kimberley  Aboriginal Carbon Fund, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation & Kimberley Land Council, May 2014  11min  *recommended*

Marlak Niran Revegetation Project  Wheatbelt NRM, Jun 2013  9min


carbon markets

Voluntary markets and Fair Carbon   Aboriginal Carbon Fund, Coffs Harbour June 2014  3min